• GID Staff

1/20 M/W 4:45-6:30pm

Tonight, we focused on treble jigs. Specifically we broke down and drilled the following elements:

Big kids:

treble and 1,2 lift in (1st step ending) making sure to differentiate between fast and slow beats, looking at turn out and crossing on piece

kick 1,2,3 kick and down kick and down flick and tip 1,2 bang (2nd step run) focusing on timing on fast kicks and step ins, adding a big hop to flick, power, and crossing into line 1

Little kids:

bang and 1,2 hop back 1,2 and toe bang heels bang and 1,2 and toe (2nd step opening) focusing on not bending knees and standing up tall on toes

kick 2,3 switch 2,3 switch 1,2 and toe kick 2,3 (1st step run) working on power, crossing into line 1, and controlling the and 1,2 and toe

Then, we all danced each step focusing on those elements. We ran both steps together and all dancers got individual comments about how they could improve their power and resist looking tired. Then, dancers were given the opportunity to redance and focus on those comments. The kids did a great job tonight! I was very impressed with their effort.



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