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Glencastle provides Irish dance lessons to children and adults from the beginner level to the championship level. We instill an appreciation for the art form in each student by focusing on the technical and traditional basics of Irish dance.

In Glencastle’s curriculum, dancers are encouraged to set their own personal goals.  There are opportunities for dancers to partake in performances, competitions, and a range of group and solo classes. We motivate our dancers who wish to test their skills by participating in solo or team competitions to do their personal best. Year-round performances are an opportunity for dancers to share their talents with the public. Weekly classes provide time for dancers to get one-on-one technical feedback while engaging with classmates in a fun and supportive setting. Each family is encouraged to choose the participation level that is right for them. 


Ages 3.5 and Older

Tuition-$65.00 per month per child. Class is 60 minutes and meets once a week. Non-refundable registration fee of $30.00 per family.

Beginners are taught the basics of Irish step dancing, including drills and exercises to develop their form. Dancers will be taught both traditional and original solo material created for the beginner level dancer. The activity of the class will include foot positioning, muscle development, exercises and short drills to help them understand key dance moves. Repetition is a key factor at the beginning level.

Dancers in their first year with Glencastle are invited to participate in parades and competitions if the family is interested. A costume is needed for competitions and performances.


4-Day Summer Sampler

Ages 3.5 and Older

Cost - $75.00 per student. Class is 60 minutes for 4 days each July.

Our summer sample class provides children a one-of-a-kind Irish dance experience to either prepare them for beginner classes in the fall or to give Irish dance a try.  Children are separated by age group to provide age-appropriate lessons in dance basics and Irish culture.  Each dancer receives a Glencastle t-shirt and plenty of fun surprises!  The session concludes with a performance for parents and a certificate of completion.  All participants are welcome to join us for a mini-performance at our final Irish Fest rehearsal for the school in August.



Ages 18 and Older

Tuition - $65.00 per month per adult. Class is 60 minutes. Non-refundable registration fee of $30.00 per family. 

Our adult classes are fun and energetic. We structure the classes for adults of all ages and abilities. The activity of the class includes both individual and group dancing. Classes are held one day a week. Besides attending our classes, our adult dancers are given the opportunity to compete and perform if they so choose. Many of our adult dancers also have children in Glencastle and are able to perform with their child.

Glencastle Adult dancers have competed successfully in the Adult team category at the Midwest Irish Dance Championships and the National Irish Dance Championships.


For Children and Adults

Instructors will continue to enforce the basics while developing and teaching more difficult and challenging drills, exercises, movements and steps. Dancers attend extra classes during the week/weekend and class times and tuition vary depending upon the amount of time the dancer is at the studio. Dancers are invited to participate in parades, performances and competitions. 



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